Energy, freight and environmental products derivatives and physical trading with global reach.


CSC Commodities specialises in global commodity derivatives, with a breadth of expertise in crude oil, refined products and freight, trading across all exchanges. CSC is also a leading participant in physical environmental products markets, active in emissions, renewables, biofuels and biogas markets across the world.

Established in 2013, CSC Commodities has a reputation and reach in the energy markets, making markets for all hedgers from producers and refiners to consumers and end users. Specialising in tailor-made derivatives, CSC allows the client to pick exactly the product specifications they require, with direct access to a dedicated trading team all the way through the barrel.

Acquired by Marex in January 2019 to expand energy sector market making capabilities, CSC Commodities has offices in London, New York, Amsterdam, Dubai and Singapore.

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Head of Operations Head of Distillates Trading Head of Freight Trading Head of Shipping and Bunker Sales-Trading Head of Light Ends Trading Head of Environmentals Sales-Trading Head of Energy Derivatives Sales